What Can Setpoint Do For You?

For 25 years we’ve helped manufacturers large and small improve the way they make and distribute goods. They spend less to produce more, and end up leading their industries in innovation, profit and growth. And because we wrote the book on project management, we’re the industry’s fastest and best positioned to finish any custom automation project under budget. Lean on our team of 75 experts to:

  • Lead your industry by doing something that’s never been done
  • Replace existing systems with robotics and modern automation tech
  • Implement lean manufacturing principles
  • Improve quality, throughput, safety and margins
  • Decrease cycle times, waste, required capital and footprint
  • Increase unit and enterprise ROI
Custom Automation
Custom Automation

We have the fastest turnaround times in the industry.人与动人物视频A级毛片,人与动人物A级毛片在线 We take on and deliver more short lead-time projects than anyone we know. Our custom automation solutions help business units and entire enterprises to produce higher quality outputs in less time with less waste, bringing more to your organization’s bottom line. Even if there’s no precedent for what you want to do, we’re up for the challenge of rapidly moving your business forward.

Clean-Sheet Design:

We design and build brand-new, never-conceived-before equipment so you can do things no one has ever done, or better than anyone else currently does.

Build to Print:

Have a machine or equipment line that you need more of? ?Setpoint will build your machine or equipment line to your drawings and specifications.


Custom automation can improve quality, shorten cycle times and reduce waste for many tasks, bringing more to your organization’s bottom line.

Material Handling
Palletizing / Depalletizing
Battery Testing
Barcode Scanning
Weigh & Fill
Clean Room Functions
Laser Cutting

Precision Part Handling
Part Inspection
Warehouse Fulfillment

Pick & Place
Product Assembly
Printing & Applying
X-Ray Inspection

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